This is the transmission type polariscope highly useful in two dimensional stress analyses. Major components of Research Polariscope are:

1. Optical Elements

2. Light Box with two light sources.

3. Universal Loading Frame with Load Cell & Digital Load Indicator.

4. Optional Elements:  A. Polarizes

                                 B. Quarter wave plate No. 1

                                 c. Quarter wave plate No. 2

                                 d. Analyzer.



Each optical element is sandwiched between two strain free acrylic sheets and is safely mounted in metallic ring. These metal rings are mounted in two separate housings. The quarter wave plates can be rotated by means of motor drive to make plane or circular polariscope. Scale is fitted on the analyzer to read the angels and fractional fringe orders in Tardy’s method of compensation.

A) Light Box:

Well-ventilated light box contains white light and monochromatic light. With diffused glass.

White light is obtained from fluorescent tube white monochromatic light is obtained from sodium vapor lamp. Which is matching with quarter wave plates used.

     B) Universal Loading Frame: Dead Weight Type

Universal loading frame is of dead weight & lever system type. Arrangement for both transverse & vertical slow movements of frame is provided. The frame is useful for loading is simple models in tension. Compression and bending one at a time. Space available for model within frame is 30 cm. X 30 cm. Capacity of loading frame is 200 Kg. For specific models the user has to design a fixture suitable for particular loading.

1.All the optical Elements with field 280 mm and ½ least count of rotation.
2.Light box with fluorescent tube and sodium lamp.
3.Table with leveling arrangement.
4.Loading frame of load cell type capacity 200 Kg. Approximate with necessary small supports or links or fixtures for holding small models.
5.Sample models of small size in photo elastic sheet ring & Disc.



  • Single phase 230 V AC, 15 Amp supply.
  • Space required:- 3m X 2m approximately in dust proof dark room preferably air-conditioned.

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