Universal Vibration Apparatus


Universal Vibration Apparatus: Model: VIB 003

With this unit following experiments are to be conducted:

  • Simple Pendulum System
  • Compound Pendulum System: To determine the radius of gyration ‘k’ of given pendulum.
  • Bi-filler Suspension System : To determine the radius of gyration of given bar by using Bi-Filler suspension
  • Longitudinal Vibration System: To   study   the   longitudinal vibrations of helical spring & to determine   the frequency or period of vibration (oscillation) theoretically & actually by experiment.
  • Free Equivalent Spring Mass System
  • To   study   the   undamped free vibrations of equivalent spring mass system.
  • Forced Equivalent Spring Mass System: To   study   the   forced   vibrations  of   equivalent  spring mass system
  • Torsional Vibration of Single Rotor System: To study the Torsional Vibration (undamped) of single Rotor shaft system. 
  • Torsional Vibration of Two Rotor System : To   study the free vibration of two rotor system & to determine the natural frequency of vibration theoretically & experimentally.
  • Damped Torsional Vibration of Single Rotor system :
  • To   study   the   damped Torsional oscillations & determine the damping coefficient Ct.
  • Forced  Damped Torsional Vibration: To verify the Dunkerley’s rule
  • To study the forced lateral vibrations of the beam for different damping.

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