Epicyclic Gear Train & Holding Torque Apparatus




Introduction: Any combination of gear wheels by which motion is transmitted from one shaft to another shaft is called a gear train. In Epicyclic gear trains, a planet gear turns around the sun gear while rotating. The concept is difficult to understand simply on a paper or a blackboard and is made very simple to grasp with the help of Epicyclic Gear Train Apparatus. The input, output and holding torque also is measured in this apparatus.


Description: It is a motorized unit consisting of SUN gear mounted on input shaft. These planet gears are mounted on a common arm to which output shaft is fitted. Loading arrangement is provided for loading the system and to measure Holding Torque.



•External type Epicyclic Gear Train:
•Bearing blocks for Input & output shafts
•A gear train with Holding drum and holding
•Internal Typo Epicyclic Gear Train:
•A compact Gear Train.
•Variable speed D.C. Motor
•Rope brake arrangement to measure output torque and holding torque.
•Control Panel comprising of :
•Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter.
•RPM Indicator.
•Speed Controller.



Note: The Image shown here is indicative only, the Actual product may differ from the Image shown above.

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