CUT SECTION MODEL OF Centrifugal Compressor


CUT SECTION MODEL OF Centrifugal Compressor

The centrifugal compressor increases the pressure of low pressure vapour refrigerant to a high pressure by centrifugal force. The centrifugal compressor is generally used for refrigerants that require large displacement and low condensing pressure, such as R-12 is and R-113. However, the refrigerant R-12 is also employed for large capacity applications and low-temperature applications.


A single stage centrifugal compressor, in its simplest form, consists of an impeller to which a number of curved vanes are fitted symmetrically. The impeller rotates in an air volute casing with inlet and outlet points.

The impeller draws in low pressure vapour refrigerant from the evaporator. When the impeller rotates, it pushes the vapour refrigerant from the centre of the impeller to its periphery by centrifugal force. The high speed of the impeller leaves the vapour refrigerant at a high velocity at the vane tips of the impeller. The kinetic energy thus attained at the impeller outlet is converted into pressure energy when the high velocity vapour refrigerant passes over the diffuser. The diffuser is normally a vane less type as it permits more efficient part load operation which is quite and it further converts the kinetic energy into pressure energy before it leves the refrigerant to the evaporator.

It is made out of Original used part, mounted on Duly Powder coated Steel Frame showing details of all components for demonstration purpose.

Note: The Image shown here is indicative only, the Actual product may differ from the Image shown above.

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