FRANCIS TURBINE TEST SETUP :- Closed circuit 1 Kw capacity

Turbine Unit  :

Francis turbine test rig developing about 1000 watts power at 1 bar pressure and 12 LPS discharge. It consists of,

i. Casing: Sturdy C. I. Scroll casing with draft tube.

ii. Runner: Mixed flow type specific G.M. runner is fitted inside the casing.

iii. Wicket Gate Assembly: Is of Gunmetal designed for efficient by a hand wheel through a link mechanism. Guide vanes are working inside the turbine with external dummy.

Centrifugal Pump Unit :

i. Head         :  14 mtr.

ii. Discharge:  16 LPS.

iii. Power        :   5   H.P.

iv. Speed       :   2880 RPM 

Loading Unit :

Turbine is directly coupled to Rope Brake Pulley with drum cooling, Spring balance & dead weights.

Flow Measurement  Unit :

A 2” Venturi meter with differential manometer without mercury.

Sump  Unit :

M.S. C.R.C. sheet metal sump of 700 lit. capacity with inside fiber lamination and  drain plug.

Suction & Delivery Piping and fittings are provided with Pressure gauge, foot valve & flow control valve.

Control Panel Unit :

i. Digital Speed Indicator with speed sensor.

ii. Starter Switch with overload relay.


Whole unit is fitted on strong and sturdy supporting stand with appreciate color combination.



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