Standard Samples Of Metallurgical Microstructure:


Bakelite Mounted Ready Specimen for microscopic Observation, A set consists of 23 Standard samples which covers the entire range. Complete information including chemical composition, mechanical treatment, details of heat treatment, type of Etchant with description of Microstructure along with their colored photographs are provided in a booklet. These sets are supplied in a wooden storing box with silica gel. List of Metallic Microstructure: 1. Dead Mild Steel 13. Mottled cast Iron 2. Low Carbon steel 14. Ductile cast Iron 3. Medium Carbon steel (Annealing) 15. Cartridge Brass 4. Medium Carbon steel (Normalizing) 16. Muntz Metal 5. Decarburized High Carbon steel 17. Tin Bronze 6. Inclusion in steel 18. Electroplated Component 7. Hardened steel 19. Anodized Aluminium 8. Tempered steel 20. Fusion Welded Mild Steel 9. Carburized steel 21. Friction Welded Steel 10. Tool steel 22. Powder Metallurgy Component 11. Gray cast Iron 23. Deformed Mild Steel 12. White cast Iron

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